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Windows 10 1703 download iso italys largest lake

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Windows 10 1703 download iso italys largest lake.


Subscription added. Subscription removed. Sorry, you must verify to complete this action. Please click the verification link in your email. You may re-send via your profile. At this point, a check list of install steps that the Windows 10 installer goes through is shown. Every step passes until the final stage, \”Finishing up. Installation cannot читать далее. From what I can gather, windows 10 1703 download iso italys largest lake SSD has been partitioned properly by the Windows installer and various Windows files have been copied to the partitions.

What appears to have failed is copying over of the BCD information. I am fairly experienced with computers software developer, have built computers since the MS-DOS days and have successfully installed Windows 10 on a 7th generation NUC but this has really stumped me.

Is there some not-so-obvious trick that I\’m missing that\’s required to get Windows 10 to install windows 10 1703 download iso italys largest lake this latest generation of NUCs? When installing, choose custom, and delete all partitions on the SSD, then install to the unallocated space. I don\’t have a USB drive large enough to hold an image at the moment Would it be possible for you to tell me why I must windows 10 1703 download iso italys largest lake a USB drive?

Because it has always worked. You can probably get one at the local They are cheap, and an easy solution. If it doesn\’t, however and it didn\’t used to; that\’s why Al is suggesting staying away from the DVD processbest to go with USB flash drive. Thank you both for your answers.

I have created a bootable USB drive and got the same failure described in my initial message. I am going to use the Windows Media Creation Tool to download the newest Windows 10 binaries and see if that makes a difference. Also, time for you to modernize.

DVD are not детальнее на этой странице much value in todays world. To me, they are like floppy diskettes. Get a couple of USB sticks for yourself. I have to agree with Al. If all you did windows 10 1703 download iso italys largest lake move the image from a DVD to a USB flash stick, this wouldn\’t have changed anything hence why your reinstall attempt failed.

You really need to use the latest Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and have it suck down the latest image and set it up on the flash disk properly. I was pig-headed about using that because I wanted the more restricted telemetry and reduced shovelware. Once I downloaded a newer ISO image, the install completed without a hitch. Windows 10 1703 download iso italys largest lake would have been far more helpful had I been told, \”If you\’re using an older image, download the latest one from Microsoft because there are newer drivers on the latest ISO that are required for a ссылка на подробности install on a NUC Remember, in the 1st and 8th response to you, I asked you to make the usb stick from the link I provided in the 1st response.

You came here for assistance 11 days ago, and followed none of the suggestions, and decided to stick with your old media, on antiquated DVDs, and then deciding to use a 3rd windows 10 1703 download iso italys largest lake tool rufus when the Microsoft download site can easily create the current media on a usb stick.

I got the same error message \”Windows could not update the computer\’s boot configuration. But Windows 10 version x64 and later have no problem. I checked setupact. Besides, Thunderbolt conflicts with Windows 10 version x64 and x Thank you for your reply. Indeed, it appears that older versions of the Windows 10 ISO are missing drivers or something that causes the problem I saw. Once I used the latest image from Microsoft\’s web site, the install went without a hitch. LTSB users have to disable Thunderbolt all the time.

I am having the same issue as the original poster. Same model of NUC. We need to have Windows Pro in order for our machines windows 10 1703 download iso italys largest lake function properly in our domain environment as well as conform to company IT policy. What makes it install Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10 Home is typically the license key that you input.

If you input a license key for Windows 10 Pro or Windows 8. If this key is for Windows 10 Pro, the configuration – across the board – will be modified to that necessary for Windows 10 Pro. Sorry to burst your bubble friend, but it is most definitely not rubbish, nor is it absolute rubbish. Using the Windows Media creation tool I could not create a an installation drive for Windows 10 professional, and during the creation process it does not ask for a license key.

It offers only one OS option and that is for Windows I\’ve created the media on three separate PC\’s same result. After a receiving a response like that. I\’m definitely departing from these boards never to return. No need to reply Mr. Wishing you all the best in your abrasive and crude posts going forward. I am an expert; I know what I am talking about; I have done this many hundreds of times. Full support is there and can be used. As I said, in this case, you need to put in the Windows 10 Pro license key once the Windows 10 Home installation is complete.

It will then upgrade the installation from Home to Pro. I have finally managed to install Windows 10 on my NUC. I do not believe that the problem was caused by the fact that I was attempting to install from a DVD so much as the DVD image I had was an older one and was likely missing some drivers or something.

I have not ascertained the exact cause of why my install was initially failing. I then used Rufus to create a bootable USB memory token. I didn\’t bother trying to complete an install using the DVD and chose to complete the install using the USB memory token. I suppose some day, when I have more time and the willingness to spend money to buy a throwaday SSD I will try completing the install using the DVD of the Windows 10 image I downloaded above to verify that it, too, will successfully complete as the USB memory token did.

For more complete information смотрите подробнее compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. Copying Windows files Getting files ready for installation Installing features Installing windows 10 1703 download iso italys largest lake Finishing up Every step passes until the final stage, \”Finishing up.

All forum topics Previous topic Next topic. AlHill Super User. Create a USB stick following the procedure here to create the install media. Copy link. In response to AlHill. If you do not want to try it, fine. Good luck with Microsoft support and your dvd. Al and Scott: Thank windows 10 22h2 iso download italiano both for your answers.

Hope this helps, What you call preoccupation is what is called experience, and I have 48 years of it. Anonymous Not applicable. The problems mentioned above occur in UEFI mode with modern standby enabled. In response to Anonymous. ETO-Dytan Beginner. In response to ETO-Dytan. That is absolute rubbish! My guess is he failed to pay attention to the check box before he made the install stick.

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